About Us

Ananya Apartments is a collection of Apartments and Homes for short and long terms rental apartments in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is focused towards tourists visiting Nepal for short and long term business, consultants and expatriate travel market.

Our units are tastefully appointed with complete amenities and facilities. It is for the discerning traveler who seeks quality interiors, comfortable facilities, modern amenities, good location and impeccable services. We know what this category of travelers want because we have the same requirement when we travel.

We are not a hotel or a guest house. We are simply a collection of apartments and homes that are self-serviced. Therefore, the cost we save is passed on to guests in the form of better facilities and larger spaces. For e.g., we don’t squeeze in 3 hotel rooms to try and maximize revenue, we instead opt for one room with a spacious bathroom and a lavish kitchen/dining. Additional facilities can be provided upon request and requirement.